Monday, June 27, 2011

The Public-Employee Pension Need in Wisconsin

A few days ago, Rauh of U of Chicago released a long paper telling us that in order to fund public-employee pensions, tax increases would have to happen.

Across the country, the average was ~$1,300/year.

In Wisconsin, it's "only" $641.00/year. (See P. 31 of the PDF)

Right. To maintain the pension system for public employees, Wisconsin taxpayers will have to cough up $641.00 EVERY YEAR until .......forever.

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neomom said...

A couple of factoids that you may find interesting... A tale of the two states of which I have some stake in.

2 year budget = $66 B
Pop. ~ 5.5 million
Spending per resident = ~ $6000

2 year budget = $39 B
Pop. ~ 9.5 millon
Spending per person = ~$2050

There are some things that require additional monies - like snow removal, but... Holy tax burden, Batman!

Unions and Progressivism, oy.