Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Immoral" Budget Position, Eh?

PowerLine notes:

President Obama's spokesman explained today that Obama thinks the Republicans' position on the budget is "immoral."

More "immoral" than raping our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren with debt payments, Obozo?

For the long version of ObamaRape, see this entry from Ticker. (For you Lefties, there are pictures--they look like graphs--so you don't have to be able to read for meaning.)


jimspice said...

Raping? What is it with you guys and your attacks on women this week? I don't think an actual rape victim would find your choice of words apropos. That word should join any nazi allusion in the dust bin of argumentative tactics.

Anonymous said...

Get with the times Jim.


"As of the early 2000s, all states define rape without reference to the sex of the victim and the perpetrator."

jimspice said...

Rape Victims: 91% female.
Rape Offenders: 99% male.
Odds of being raped in a lifetime: male <3%, female >18%.

Until the stats even out a bit, I'll stick with my definition.

Dad29 said...

OK. I'll go with "pillaging." Make you feeeeeel better?

BTW, we note that Bradley (at the least) threatened assault on Prosser.

Ready for her resignation?

Anonymous said...

As opposed to Prosser who stated that he would destroy the reputation of his colleagues? BOTH should go!

neomom said...

As opposed to Bradley and Abrahamson who are ACTUALLY destroying Prosser's reputation?

Anonymous said...

Keep justifying juvenile behavior, NeoMom! Prosser is EQUALLY guilty. The whole lot is dysfunctional!

Dad29 said...

Nah. Screechin'Shirley is dysfunctional, has been for 30 years.

Bradley only went bad when menopause hit and she was no longer in the majority.

jimspice said...

And in a vein similar to an earler comment I made on another post, I don't know if you have a wife, but if so, I assume you'll be sleeping on the couch for some time.