Friday, June 24, 2011

No "There" There, Mr. Bice

What were those lyrics? "You must remember this/ A kiss is just a kiss, a smile is just a smile...."

And a one-time payout is just a one-time payout.

Finally, you must also remember this: SOME people run for office because they want to serve the country's best interests. They actually ARE straight-up white hats. RoJo's one of them.

Although there's a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo here, it appears that RoJo's company paid him out for services rendered and he's (effectively) outta there, with only a 5% stake remaining.

But even leaving the company won't be easy with Bice around.

After dropping nearly $9 million from his own pocket to win a seat in the U.S. Senate, Ron Johnson didn't have to feel the pain for very long.

Johnson's plastics company paid him $10 million in deferred compensation shortly before he was sworn in as Wisconsin's junior senator, according to his latest financial disclosure report.

The first-term Republican declined to say how his Oshkosh firm, Pacur, came up with a figure that so closely mirrored the amount he personally put into his campaign fund.

Bice rounds up all the Lefty "goo-goo" types (I know; Lefty 'good gummint' is a contradiction in terms) to decry, denounce, rend their garments, and insinuate that RoJo is ........umnnnhhh.......eeeeeeeeeeeevil, or something.

But actual lawyers have another opinion.

The lawyers said regulators would have to prove that there was at least a tacit agreement between the corporation and Johnson that the deferred compensation would be used to reimburse him for campaign loans or contributions.

To do that, Michael Maistelman, an election lawyer who primarily represents Democrats, said officials would have to find a smoking gun.....

There's no "there" there, period.

By the way, do the Bucks "reimburse" Herbie for his political expenses?


Display Name said...

"... and I don't have to explain it any further to someone like you." Priceless. Add it to the list.

Anonymous said...

Plastic Ron better get Dissembling Pat to work on damage control.