Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recalls to be More Difficult?

I think Sen. Grothmann and the Fitzgerald Boyzzzz are wrong on this one.

Republican leaders in the state contemplate the idea of introducing a bill to make it harder to recall public officials.

Grothman says a single vote isn’t good reason to recall any lawmaker — Republican or Democrat. He says recalls are associated with some sort of malfeasance, not simply as a result of taking a vote that might not please everyone. “Why do you think we have elections in November?

This is, frankly, the Government Mind at work: "I'll keep my job. I'm in Government."

The reality is that there have been very few Legislative recalls in modern history--which is not mentioned by the Senator.

In the case at hand, the "single vote" happened to have a significant effect on the finances of a lot of people. This wasn't some obscure recycling provision that cost a few taxpayers $20.00 each. It was a major shift in labor relations law and practice.

Most people who read this blog know that I favor Act 10. I think it makes sense. Like most people in Wisconsin, I don't enjoy the prospect of my neighbor getting whacked by the economy. At the same time, I understand the motivation for the recalls.

Limiting recalls is a bad idea, period.


Anonymous said...

"Limiting recalls is a bad idea, period."

Wow, we actually agree on something.

But here is the fly in the ointment. The same rationale Grothman and company is employing was used with Voter ID--there is the POSSIBILITY of malfeasance with a particular action (voter fraud), so we must remove that "threat" with a particular action (a law).

Dad29 said...

Actually, there was a bunch of vote-fraud, notably in the Bush/Gore election.

Nothing wrong with demanding an ID to allow voting. Last thing I want is a bunch of Illinois residents voting on Wisconsin issues.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

There is NO relationship between requiring someone to show ID to vote and this silly recall idea.

As an aside, the Left needs to be careful about this whole recall thing. Recalls over policy are a bad idea and the Left has set a bad precedent. We may now find ourselves in a continuous election cycle in which lawmakers are recalled as soon as they are eligible for it. Just because someone doesn't like the policy. Horrible plan.