Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ozanne's Got A Bunch of Secrets!

Apparently the Dane County DA doesn't have much interest in obeying the law.

The linked story tells us that Kathleen Falk emailed everybody in Dane County Gummint that she was going to sue to block Act 10. Indiscreet and stupid, but that's Katie.


...Education Action Group received Falk’s communications via an Open Records request. At the same time, we filed one for Ozanne’s communications. He ignored our repeated requests.

To that end, Education Action Group is suing Ozanne for his lack of transparency. That is the irony of the whole thing: two individuals – a judge and a DA – purport to care so much about government openness and transparency, yet one of them requires an organization to hire an attorney to get the public records.

Ozanne said of his lawsuit to block Walker’s bill, “Transparency in government is of the utmost importance. It’s the foundation that builds communities trust in representatives and government.

Actually, Ozanne said that "'Transparency in government' is fo' SUCKAHS!" --but I may have made that up.

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