Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York State Goes Up in Flames

Attempted 'marriage' by gays now legal (not moral, legal) in NY.

Ayes 33, Nays 29. Four Republicans voting in favor.

Passage in the Assembly is a foregone conclusion. Governor Cuomo lobbied long and hard for a gay marriage law; he'll sign.

By the way, IIRC, that 'flames' thing.....that was Sodom, right?

Ace goes on a full-bore rant over this, and he makes a number of very good points.

Do the ends justify the means? For those convinced this is a sacred right unfairly denied to gays, I suppose it must seem that the ends justify the means. Certainly the stratagem employed belies such a belief.

But dishonesty remains dishonesty, which I think most still consider a rather bad thing even in this rapidly-"evolving" world where apparently only One Single Thing Really Matters.

It becomes harder and harder to believe anything gay marriage proponents claim about their future agenda when every past claim about their next moves has been false (and false from the moment of utterance).

The claim is being made that "Of course we will not impose gay marriage on religious institutions."

Um, yeah. Because you've been so upfront and candid with me in the past.

Then he issues a monitum:

...And so with traditionalists and gays. Even while there is a growing rapprochement between the fair-minded individuals on either side of the debate, this furious agenda to Win At Any costs pushes fair-minded traditionalists away from their growing "Eh, what do I care if they're gay" sentiment.

As with the left, justifying its hate of traditionalists/religious folk based on their tangible agenda, so too the traditionalists/religious folk will justify a fresh dollop of animosity towards gays based upon their tangible agenda.

...I think they'll find that as they rack up victories in the courts, they lose battles where it's more important, in peoples' hearts and minds.

I would still urge people to resist that on the basis of They know not what they do.

But this is a real thing. Tell people you're going to force them to accept something they don't care for and you're not going to actually breed more acceptance, but likely nearly the opposite.

He's right, you know.



Anonymous said...

Why does everybody give Gomorrah the short shrift?

Dad29 said...

Because nobody knows WTF happened to them.