Friday, June 24, 2011

From Kuhner's Lips.....

Sykes noticed this item.

Both Mrs. Bachmann and Mr. Perry signify a new development in American politics: the rise of nationalist populism. For decades, liberalism has been ascendant. The New Deal erected an entitlement state and brought to power a liberal ruling class - what the conservative philosopher James Burnham called “the managerial class.” This political and cultural cadre has dominated American life. Government agencies, the permanent bureaucracies, the mainstream media, universities, public schools, Hollywood, the arts, trial lawyers, the Federal Reserve, big banks and large financial institutions - they have all helped to sustain the progressive project of turning America into a rootless social democracy.

For a while, it seemed to work. Peace and prosperity ensured that any ideological assault on liberal hegemony could be contained - and eventually marginalized. Now, however, Mr. Obama’s misrule, combined with the growing economic chaos, threatens the very moral legitimacy of our liberal minders. They can no longer be believed or trusted.

Liberalism is in crisis. And as the regime cracks, insurgent populists are starting to fill the void. Middle America is on the march. God's ear, Mr. Kuhner.

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Anonymous said...

Perry-Bachmann 2012!