Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kathy Stepp Gets It -- Right?

Sykes visited with K. Stepp, Sec'y/DNR.

One extremely positive take-away, one irritating "Madistan-ism."

The positive:

Stepp stated that she and her top management team have been all over the State soliciting ideas from DNR employees as to "how to do this better" and have a large collection of suggestions which they will work to implement. She specifically mentioned duplicative tasks (e.g., the Feds AND the State do the same report/job/analysis, etc.) which should be eliminated.

That is very good news, indeed. It's one of the first steps in "Lean Management" textbooks.

The irritant?

Stepp refers to anyone outside DNR as "Externals." Citizens are "externals," other Gummint agencies and entities are "externals," get the idea.

That language is an infection, Kathy. Take antibiotics immediately to clear it up.

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