Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Mess of Pottage for NY Republicans

McCain read this story from NRO, and now we know that NY Republicans sold their birthrights.

...The background stories on the vote now emerging give us reason to be skeptical of that narrative. One of the senators who switched to give Governor Cuomo his vote told the Village Voice: “It’s not our job to be moral, it’s our job to be functional as a legislature.” What “functional as a legislature” means is not entirely clear, but we get some hints in the stories that detail the money spent by gay marriage advocates (including some wealthy libertarians) and the power-play by the governor and gay-marriage advocates. One lobbyist said there was “a ‘limitless’ amount of lobbying dollars and campaign contributions from gay marriage advocates.” The New York Daily News provides the not-surprising news: “Gay marriage advocates said they expect money from same-sex groups to flow to the four not just as a thank you, but also as a message to Republicans nationally.

The current MediaMeme is that "conservatives have accepted this peacefully."

That's only half-true. "Peacefully" is accurate. "Accepted" is bullshit.

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