Friday, June 24, 2011

President Disaster Is "Too Busy" for Debt Talks

The Republicans have (finally) gotten honest and walked out of 'BFD' Biden's "deficit reduction" talks. Seems that Biden and the Democrats won't reduce spending.

Clearly, this is now a matter between Obama, Reid, and Boehner; they are the only ones who can break the logjam.

But President Disaster? Where's he?

Rep. James Clyburn told Neil Cavuto today,

“Obama has much more to do with his time than to handle debt talks.

Clyburn's right, of course: that fund-raiser schedule is a bitch.


J. Strupp said...

Obama holds all the cards. The debt ceiling is going up. This is a Republican Party problem since they feel the need to induce a Minksy Moment in order to get a few hundred million bucks knocked off the budget.

These guys are friggin' nuts. All of them. Risk vs. reward dummies.

Anonymous said...

Congress wishes to assert its constitutional responsibilities vis-a-vis the War Powers Act...but scratching out the details of its budgetary responsibilities - not so much.