Saturday, July 10, 2010


The complete jackass is the one with the cigarette.

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Laughing my ass off!

kid said...

Can you speak Arabic? Of course you can't, but Arabs and Muslims can speak more than one language unlike Americans. This al-Qaeda recruitment tool is going to help get our soldiers killed. Bigotry , hate and racism is not funny. Maybe you should take this photo to a Veterans Administration Hospital and see how funny it is. Yes the internet is in the Mideast.

Think about it.

Dad29 said...

OK, I thought about it.

Here's my conclusion:

F*(*& AlQuaeda. Shoot them on sight.

Now go ahead and join up, turkey.

Anonymous said...

This represents as deep as it gets on this site. Photoshop his pope alongside an abuse victim and all we get is sanctimonious "woe are catholics" pronouncements.

Nor does he come up with it on his own, electing to copy the "work" of others.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Kid: Seriously? Dude, I did my time defending know-nothings like you. Get a grip on your multi-cultural PC Bullshit and have a laugh for once. Clearly a product of the public schools.

BTW, I have plenty of friends and friends children who have served over there and are currently serving. Some are in those VA hospitals. They know how to laugh at this stuff. Some didn't make it. I'll bet they're laughing anyway. They have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...


These assholes already hate everyone who isn't like them, no matter who they are. They want to kill you, no matter who you are. Fuck them and the camels they rode in on. Making nice with them either through NASA or in a blog that prints touchy feeling photos instead of sarcastic humor doesn't change the fact they want you dead too.

Dhimmitude never got anyone anywhere except enslaved or dead anyway. The "great" prophet Muhammad, Mohammed, Mohamed, or however you want to spell his worthless name, was just another lowlife pedophile child raper anyway. Fuck him and the camel he rode in on too. Shoot all those assholes with bullets dipped in pig grease.

Anonymous said...

You folks are throwbacks to the Catholics of old! This is hilarious! When does the next Crusade depart?

Will DaddyZero be leading the charge? If not, why not?

All hail the Pope! Bless his infallible heart!

Makes me proud to be a product of Reformation!

Dad29 said...

Makes me proud to be a product of Reformation!

Don't be too sure that Luther would take pride in spawning you.

TerryN said...

Id rather throwback to the Catholics of old than put up with the radical Muslims of today. At least the Catholics learned a thing or two through the ages.

LMAO at the picture

Anonymous said...

This is excellent, because, as you can see, it equates all Muslims with the terrorists of 9/11, as the gentleman on the left is interested in doing the same thing with a space shuttle.

Of course, as we know, Muslims do all think alike, just as a Catholic in Peru will see things exactly the same as a Catholic in Wisconsin, or how Anglicans in England and South Africa are united on every matter. And just as the most extreme of Christian voices represent all of us, so too do the most extreme of Muslim voices represent all Muslims.

To the anonymous poster who was so full of hate for Muhammad: how much have you read about him? Have you read scholarly works on his life? Are you so familiar with the teachings of Islam that you're able to so categorically condemn Muhammad like you have? What evidence do you have of your accusations?

I agree with one thing that's been said here, and that's f*** Al-Qaida (or 'Al-Qaeda'... "AlQuaeda" is certainly a new spelling, and I'm interested in how you transliterated that). They're hateful and portray anyone who falls outside of their definition of proper - Christians, Jews, the vast majority of Muslims - as less than dirt and have done terrible crimes. They must be defeated.

But portraying all Muslims, or even the vast majority of Muslims, as giving any credence to Al-Qaida's brand of hate is completely unreasonable. It's willful ignorance, it's bigoted, and it reflects poorly on our great country.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Really, Anon? Perhaps you can provide me with a website showing Muslims who cried at the sight of The World Trade Center on fire and people jumping from windows hundreds of feet above the ground? Or maybe Muslims in the United States marching in the streets to condemn what their radical brethren are doing in places like Iran, Pakistan and more recently Uganda? Or maybe those Muslims who are calling for an end to "endless war" (yeah, you Lefties coined that one, didn't you) against Israel and the start of "peaceful co-existence".

Yeah, why would I lump them all together. It's a mystery.

Dad29 said...

The point, Anony, was Obama, not Al Quaeda.

Obama is a pathetic little momma's boy, and you can admit that without shame.

carol said...

im carol and i find this both racist and hilariously offensive

Anonymous said...

Deekamon--Really, Anon? Perhaps you can provide me with a website showing Muslims who cried...

Ok, here you go! Even Iranians carried on a vigil despite the distinct possibility of retribution by their own government!

Major kudos to Bush right after 911--

I urge - I know I don't need to tell you all this -but our nation must be mindful that there are thousands of Arab-Americans who live in New York City
who love their flag just as much as the three of us do.

Maybe, just maybe, he was on to something!

Kill Al-Queda? You bet. Condemn ALL Muslims? Hell, no, jerkfaces.

Anonymous said...

But portraying all Muslims, or even the vast majority of Muslims, as giving any credence to Al-Qaida's brand of hate is completely unreasonable. It's willful ignorance, it's bigoted, and it reflects poorly on our great country.

Do you agree, Dad29, or are you going to be silent?
I think Jesus would condemn racism and hate.
Because we all know if the shoe was on the other foot, and someone portrayed Catholics in the same "hilarious" manner, YOU would be having a temper tantrum!

Anonymous said...

sandmonkeys are bad

Dad29 said...

Anony, you are FAR too sensitive for your own good.

I'll repeat, this time in capital letters for your edification:


So happens that certain Muslims provided an occasion for the HUMOR OF THE PHOTOSHOP.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

I see you're taking your ol'buddy Patrick McIheran's approach--I'm not directly saying, but...

The implication is QUITE clear--Obama supports Islamic terrorism. Muslims are terrorists. Islam is a dangerous religion.

You're carrying on with your own Christian jihad, albeit in words. No better than the rhetoric by fundamentalist Muslims.

I certainly don't see any renunciations on your part about prejudice toward Muslims, especially Anon's 7/11 1:37 p.m. post. So you're doing the EXACT same thing that you criticized Kagan during her confirmation hearings.

Recall your June 30 post??? "Well, Senator, that is clearly my handwriting", she said. Your response-- But she will NOT state that she wrote the memo.
Seems you only believe people should be direct and forthright when it suits their purpose.

It appears your perpetuating Anon's 7/11 hatred, but I could be mistaken.

Remember what you said the next time a person takes a potshot at Christianity--it was just an occasion for the humor of the photoshop!

Anonymous said...


I get the message - it's criticizing Obama for the apparent purpose of NASA's new direction, or at least how the NASA director described that purpose. I get that that's the purpose of the image.

My point is that the image equates all Muslims with the hatred-filled beliefs of Al-Qaida - the label at the top is "Muslims", and the gentleman on the left calls to mind the 9/11 hijackers. I don't think you believe that all Muslims follow the beliefs of Al-Qaida - as you said in your last post, it should refer to "certain Muslims" (or, in my opinion, "certain self-proclaimed Muslims" - I'm guessing most Muslims would be as likely to claim kinship with Al-Qaida as I, a Christian, would be to tie myself to David Koresh).

Are there radical Muslims who justify killing non-Muslims as sanctioned by their vision of God? Absolutely. Are there Muslims who believe that violence against others is contrary to God's teaching? Absolutely. Let me note that there are both passionately pro-life and passionately pro-choice people in the US - and elsewhere - who call themselves Christians.

All this debate about the message this image is sending has obscured the message I think you wanted to send with it - in your opinion, Obama's NASA plans are misguided. (You would probably use a stronger word than "misguided", but it's what I'll go with for now.) Whether or not I agree with it, I think it's a valid line of criticism. Using a medium like the image here obscures that message and leads us to debating something else.

I know this is your space and I thank you for letting me explain my position in a way that I think was mostly civil.

-Anonymous 1 (the same one who wrote the post starting "This is excellent.")

@Deekaman: I'm sorry you feel that way. The Iranian President at the time, Mohammed Khatami, a Muslim, called the events of 9/11 "barbarous acts", "crimes", and denounced the notion that those responsible would go to heaven. His reformists were defeated in 2005 by Ahmadinejad and his allies in the Iranian power structure (who seem to believe otherwise). Since then, many thousands of Muslims have indeed taken to the streets in Iran to protest this regime, facing off with police and paramilitary forces that have killed many protesters.
In Somalia, homebase for the terrorists who perpetrated the crimes in Uganda recently, the Islamic-based Somaliland government in the north - the only real government in the country - has received praise from the US and the West for its efforts against Al-Qaida and its allies in the territory Somaliland controls.
In Iraq, I'm sure you're well aware of the "Sunni awakening", in which Sunni tribes in the western part of the country turned against Al-Qaida in Mesopatamia and drove back many of the foreign terrorists who'd entered the country post-invasion.

Yes, I do find it mysterious that you lump these groups together.

Dad29 said...

Anony, we're in agreement on everything except the message of the photoshop.

I don't view it as 'including all Muslims.' You do.