Friday, July 23, 2010

The Obama Race-Card Machine

PJBuchanan is warning......

Opposition to affirmative action is racist. Supporting the tea party gives aid and comfort to racists. Opposing health care puts you in league with folks who used racial slurs on Rep. John Lewis. To raise the issue of the New Black Panther Party is to play the race card.

One understands the bitterness of tea-party folks who carry signs that read: "What difference does it make what this placard says? You'll call it racist anyway."

As the National Journal's Ron Brownstein has been reporting, white America is increasingly alienated and distrustful of all our major economic and political power centers – the banks, big corporations, the government.

And, for the first time in our lifetimes outside the South, white racial consciousness has visibly begun to rise.

He doesn't even mention Racist Wright or Obama's stulta dicta about the "stupid" Cambridge cop.

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Billiam said...

Don't forget the dame' of the Dems, Sherrod. FOX news wants all blacks to walk with their heads down, so, by association, anyone who watches FOX must want the same, right?