Friday, July 30, 2010

Think the '10 Elections Will Matter?

Yah, the elections WILL matter for the slimebuckets who are losing their seats in Congress.

But that doesn't mean that their replacements are going to be an improvement.

Although President Obama's bailouts and takeovers have been useful in uniting Republicans against his liberal agenda, the GOP is still not united in its commitment to cut spending and debt. The appropriations system has too much control and it will take an earthquake election to break its grip over the party

That's not from some pundit.

That's from Jim DeMint, who knows the process well.

HT AmSpecBlog


steveegg said...

You should have been reading The Winning McCain's Twitter feed last night. A random gem - "Republican Defeat, Inc., is a lucrative racket."

Anonymous said...

We'll see if DeMint can hold off his D challenger and keep HIS seat.