Monday, July 26, 2010

What About the WikiLeaks on the Pakis?

WikiLeaks published 92,000 documents which demonstrate pretty conclusively that the Pakis are working for the highest bidder in the Afghan war, and sometimes that high bidder is the Taliban.

Not exactly news; rumors of ISI (Paki mil/intel) working with Taliban have been circulating for years.

Goldman has a thought.

...It may be true that Afghanistan will be a breeding ground for terrorism when American troops leave, but Pakistan already is a breeding ground for terrorism. But there are other, cheaper ways to deal with the problem. Here's an idea: freeze travel between Pakistan and the United States (or subject prospective travelers to extreme scrutiny) until Pakistan roots out and punishes the elements of its military who help the Taliban kill Americans and their allies.

As for the threat that Pakistan may become a failed state: Pakistan already is a failed state. America's natural ally in the region is India.

Well, yes. The Pakis have nukes, but the Taliban has ZERO friends in the region: not India, not Iran, not PRC, not the Russkis.

Remind me again why we're in Afghanistan?

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Anonymous said...

Do you realise that you destroy your credibility in using the term 'Paki'? It's an offensive racial slur in several countries, aking to 'nigger', 'honky', etc.