Friday, July 30, 2010

MMSD: It's STILL Taxation Without Representation

Ever since Pat Lucey conspired with Henry Maier to force suburbs to pay for Milwaukee's sewer problems, Milwaukee's Machine Mayors have feared and resisted the election of MMSD Commissioners.

They knew the day would come when the population would shift out of Milwaukee and the socialist scam that is MMSD would change its "screw the suburbs" tax/fee approach--because the suburbs would have the majority of 'served' residents.

Sykes was kind enough to remind 'PoopDump' Barrett of his own words in 2004, and the newspaper article included the following:

's push to reform MMSD appeared aimed at staving off another reform he does not favor -- a fundamental change in the way the district is governed. Some suburban state lawmakers have advocated making the commissioners elected, not appointed.

Barrett said the Milwaukee mayor should retain authority to name seven of the 11 commissioners because a large majority of metro-area residents live or work in Milwaukee...(emphasis is Charlie's)

Notice Barrett's weasel-wording? "..majority live OR WORK in Milwaukee..."

Yah, but: the majority of MMSD taxpayers do NOT live "in Milwaukee." They live in suburbs which have separated-sewer systems.

And they pay for Milwaukee's mistakes. Dearly.


Anonymous said...

So the suburbs want their cake and eat it, too? They demand access to Milwaukee water at a lower price, while demanding to pay little or no money for maintenance for Milwaukeee sewers, even though they their own separate-sewer systems take in Milwaukee water!

No pay, no play! Some of the suburbs shouldn't have grown so fast then to outstrip their own resources. Unsustainable, where have I heard that word before???

Interesting when government benefits people, it's called capitalism, but when government screws people, it's called socialism.

Then again, maybe Milwaukee should outsource control of its water system to a private company. I wonder under that scenario would it (the private company) be "benevolent" by catering in to the suburbs demands.

Disclaimer--I live in a suburb of Milwaukee, not the city.

Anonymous said...

catering to

Dad29 said...

Please work on assembling COHERENT rants.

Your point?

Anonymous said...

The 'burbs should quit their bellyaching about the "right" to obtain cheap water from another source. Are we clear now???

Dad29 said...

Exactly ONE 'burb is complaining, sorta. That would be Waukesha.

And even there, the Mayor is the only one who's bitching.

So what's your point?

Dad29 said...

And, by the way, what does WATER have to do with taxation without representation?