Sunday, July 25, 2010

Johnson's Right, Dems Are Wrong on Healthcare

Ron Johnson is on solid ground here. "Democrats" like Feingold, however, prefer high health-care prices. (Not that Feingold gives a rip; his is provided free of charge in the Senate offices.)

Curious, that. You'd think that "Democrats" would be in favor of reduced prices in the health-care sector. It's what they yapped about to pass ObamaBortion.

...Ron Johnson says he is well aware that Democrats are criticizing his suggestion that Americans should get some of their health care at Wal-Mart.

He is standing behind that idea as a way to reduce reliance on insurance-paid care. The effect would be to pull down prices in the whole medical system, the Oshkosh business owner said in an interview Friday.

This is a no-brainer. If WallyWorld (or Walgreen's, or Target) offers good medical treatment for minor ailments at decent prices, why NOT go there?

Their offerings are for minor routine stuff, the 'irritating but not critical' things that really do NOT require a $100 million-dollar building, MRI's, CT's, and a staff of MD's and RN's to handle.

We know that the "Democrats" absolutely despise HSA and HRA offerings, mostly because they nudge people toward shopping around a bit. For minor stuff, why NOT shop around a bit?

Beyond that, Johnson's correct when he says that prices will drop if Wal-Mart health treatments are used.

Johnson is using common sense. Democrats just hate that.


Jack Lohman said...

He's absolutely correct on minor care, but R's in general are wrong on healthcare. The "hated" single payer healthcare would provide first-class Cheney-care to 100% of the public, all while saving $400B per year and removing health care costs from 100% of our businesses and helped them keep jobs in the US. But campaign bribes from the insurance industry kept that “off the table.”

Dad29 said...

Jack, you're smoking dope.

Not even OBAMA believes that "saves $400Bn" line any more.

Billiam said...

I want what he's smoking....

Jack Lohman said...

Dad, Obama was paid $20 million dollars to roll over. Give me a break. If single-payer was a sham they should have left it on the table and shown it for what it is. But they wouldn't even cost it out. What is it about bribes do you not understand?