Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wickard or Raich?

As Taranto notes, there are TWO cases in which SCOTUS has determined that the Feds can do any damn thing they please under the "commerce" clause.

"My opening line in the Supreme Court . . . was: If this court upholds this extension of federal power, Gonzales v. Raich will replace Wickard v. Filburn as the outermost extension of federal power ever recognized by this court," he says.

The lawyer quoted above was co-counsel on Raich.

In Raich, SCOTUS decided that the US ban on marijuana growing overrides the California law.

In Wickard, SCOTUS decided that the Feds can tell farmers what not to grow.

There IS a response, of course, beginning with "BUY MORE AMMO...."

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