Friday, July 23, 2010

Context and Ms. Sherrod

As we all know, Ms. Sherrod got the shaft. From Obama's Sec/Ag.

Now the hysterical screeches commence from all the usual suspects: Media Matters, Think Progress, and their sheep/bloggers nationwide. The word of the day is "Context."

The Professor reminds us that "context" is important, indeed!

...And while we're at it, how about some apologies for all the false allegations by Frank Rich, Paul Krugman, Charles Blow and numerous left-wing bloggers claiming that health care protesters were violent, and falsely linking the Tea Parties to the Amy Bishop shooting, the IRS Plane Crasher, the Fort Hood attack, and the Pentagon shooter....

Plenty more "context" at the link.


Billiam said...

It's an interesting time line. She was fired before the story was on FOX news. Beck actually defended her. Yet, somehow, everyone was snookered? What a bunch of tools. Of course, she's no angel. Her statements essentially calling FOX racist are despicable, and sadly, typical. She will profit off this, and become another lib who loves to call anyone who disagrees with libs or the One a racist.

Billiam said...

Also, expecting the left to apologize is like expecting a snake to not strike when you walk by. O'Reilly apologized the day after, saying he made a mistake by not reading the transcript. Apologize? Nah. Their leader won't, so why should they?

Anonymous said...

Billiam, care to take to task Breitbart as well for taking things out of "context" and setting into motion her firing.

Why isn't HE apologizing?

Dad29, care to take to task the "sheep" conservative bloggers who perpetuaated that story?

Sad state of affairs for Obama, I would agree. Jumped the gun completely, should have waited. But in the wake of the New Black Panthers fiasco, Breitbart put into motion a brilliant plan and got the desired effect.