Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Kleefisch Insurgency

Anyone who pays attention knows that Brett Davis is a nice-looking ward-heeler of the Chicago school. He's perfectly happy to rape Wisconsin drivers in order to benefit a couple of major contributors of the Big Ethanol variety who happen to live in or near his district.

He's also perfectly happy to have voted FOR the outright theft of $200 million from the State's medical doctors, presumably in hopes of achieving "comity" and getting invites to All the Right Parties in Madison. Oh, yah, there are other ways Brett screws Wisconsin taxpayers, too.

So: screw Brett Davis! What goes around comes around, Brett.

Meantime, a sincere and refreshing candidate is clocking the Establishment Boy in fundraising--so far. (That's until Archer-Daniels-Midland ships its PAC money to Davis.)

Rebecca Kleefisch's campaign raised more money than any other Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in the first six months of 2010, state filings reveal. Kleefisch, who began her campaign on January 19th of this year, has raised $141,634.58 in the first six months. This amount is 27% more than her nearest competitor.

Seems that Wisconsin folks know the difference between actual people and plastic-banana good-times boys, eh?


Anonymous said...

Quit your bitchin old man and take a look at davis' whole record. Didn't realize just because Mark Belling says it makes it the end all be all for conservatives

If Rebecca wins, it will negatively affect what I do for the Republican Gov race.

Dad29 said...

That's YOUR problem, not mine.

"Whole record" is: just another TThompson-seconding STATIST.

Too bad.

Anonymous said...

whatever gramps, you'll have to vote for Davis after he wins the Nomination when he's on the ticket with walker in november

Anonymous said...

Brett Davis had an opportunity to demonstrate that he is a conservative. What he showed is that he is a moderate that will move to the left, not to the right. What issues has Brett taken a stand on that is conservative? Not tax increases, he is not 100% pro life, he mandates ethanol with a known liberal, he raises product fees, and as noted raided the patient comp fund for a whopping $200 million.

Thanks Brett, your experience we don't need.

The clock is about to expire on Brett Davis, tick, tick, tick, gone!

Anonymous said...

Check out:

This is the real Brett Davis folks!

Anonymous said...

WOW, my friend, a mom like me, told of this blog thing here. I can't believe that I all most voted for Brett Davis. How can that guy do that stuff. I thought rinos only happened in DC not wisconsin.

Hey, all of us moms need to support Rebecca Kleefisch or we are going to get more taxes from Davis.

Anonymous said...

Madison values have corrupted our whole state, Brett Davis is part of the problem, when tough decisions needed to be made as a legislator, he raised the white flag and caved to special interests. We need to put the Doyle/Davis legacy behind us. We need principled leaders to clean up their mess, the Doyle/Davis budget has increased taxes and regulations, crowding out the private sector. Taxpayers cannot sustain their growth in government, their runaway spending. They have driven employers out of business and out of state. We need solid conservatives like Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. Let's vote right in September and send real leaders to Madison.

Anonymous said...

Mugrack oughta start thinking for himself rather than relying on the Davis talking points. His whole record?
Tough to get past the main battle that Charlie Sykes brought up yesterday morning. When the Doyle budget came up for a vote, Davis crawled out of the foxhole and waved his white flag. Is this the quality of a leader? Davis was the only Republican who got weak-knee'd and couldn't stand up for conservative principles. He voted for $765 million in new taxes, mugrack --- you like the way his hand feels in your pocket? People in my Wisconsin community have had enough of this big government mentality, Davis needs to get his hands out of our pockets, out of our lives and let the private sector grow and prosper. His vote cannot be overlooked. That's like saying I have a perfect driving record except for my two OWI's.

Unknown said...

Is being CONSERVATIVE a thing of convienience, or is it a way of living due to your core convictions? I believe it is the latter. If so, then what is the debate here? Can someone who has voted to MANDATE things like Ethenol and dish soap call themselves a CONSERVATIVE? WE DON'T DO MANDATES!! Forget all the rest of the record, or whatever nonesensical political insider spin that is ~ IT'S TOO LATE to change what's already been done. It's like being a "little bit" pregnant. No Brett Davis, you are NOT a CONSERVATIVE, and you DO NOT represent my family's values. That is why Rebecca Kleefish will be on the ticket as Lt. Governor. Sorry mugrack, you're backing the wrong horse if you want to be in the winner's circle.

Rich H said...

I like Rebecca because she has a plan that can be executed with local and out of state businesses. We need a conservative Gov., Senate, and Assembly to move us away from strangling taxes. Kleefisch can then execute her marketing strategy to welcome business growth in Wisconsin. She has been in touch with regular folks and business people for many years as a conservative news anchor. She has the personality to build relationships and trust. I can't believe how hard she works in fund raising. Honestly, a dedicated conservative that can get the job done.

Anonymous said...

I am going to watch Rebecca on FOX & friends this sunday at 8:45 am CT ! I was able to see Brett and Rebecca last night at the Garden Party, and listen to them both. This was a smaller group of the same people from convention. Brett got a polite applause. Rebecca got applause at least 6 times! Brett seemed defeated.
Rebecca seemed on FIRE!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seen some people speak in my day and listening to Rebecca last night reminded me exactly how smart this candidate is! Rebecca seems to have a knowledge base that is very extensive. At the end of Rebecca's speech last night she announced that she was going to be on FOX & friends, the crowd was ....just a buzz! I thought to my self ...what happened when FOX found Sarah. Well Sunday when FOX and the World meet Rebecca, the game has changed - I think Rebecca will stand out in the panel of 3 Moms in politics on Sunday's FOX & friends. I am glad I heard about Rebecca's deep roots in Wisconsin in an earlier speech she did at a pints and politics politics at Spokes Restaurant on hwy 20 in Racine. I Pray for Rebecca -