Thursday, July 29, 2010

Waukesha County's Three Good Men

Schellinger, Hutton, Zaborowski. Those are the good men.

164-O-035 is the Ordinance by which Waukesha County will be paying its AFSCME members more money during the next 12 months.

The Ordinance was passed, 21-3, with only the above men (underline men) voting against it.


"Binding Arbitration." Some dweeb arbitrator decided that Waukesha County taxpayers were not paying enough to its employees, and decreed that a raise must be given.

Eighteen supervisors voted to bend the taxpayers over, again.

Here's the Milwaukee JS summary of the package:

In a proposal headed to the County Board this month and already ratified by the union, workers would pay some higher insurance deductibles and co-payments on medications and get a 1% pay raise this year and a 1.5% raise in 2011.

…Out-of-network deductibles under the proposed AFSCME contract would more than double, from $200 to $450 for single coverage and from $600 to $1,350 for family coverage. Employees who now pay $25 for certain drugs would have to pay $40 while other co-pay levels would not change.

That's a VERY nice health plan.

Made "legal" by 21 twits.

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Anonymous said...

Binding arbitration is a legal process. Deal with it. And, wow, a 1% raise. That's going to break Waukesha County's bank account!