Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Progressive Agenda in Wisconsin

The Progressives have a 10-year plan to Make Everyone Live Forever!

It might cost a few $Zillion, and trample all over your life, but hey! It's For the Chilllllrrren.

State health officials Wednesday released a long-range health vision that proposes increased taxes on alcohol, placing community health centers in middle schools, restricting the sale of alcohol at public events and would begin public schooling for children as young as three years old.

Not to mention More and Better Sex for everyone.

1 comment:

neomom said...

Restricting the sale of alcohol at public events...

In Wisconsin? Seriously?

Telling the sheeple that they can no longer enjoy their brewskies at Brewers (hmmm, I wonder if they will have to change their name..) and Packers games and no more drinking at Summerfest... THAT might finally get them to wake from their stupor.