Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Screech! Gay Protesters

In Madison, speaking on behalf of right order in marriage is not allowed.

Hundreds of protesters shouted down same-sex marriage opponents today on the steps of the state Capitol, drawing an angry rebuke from one Republican lawmaker.

A rally planned by the New Jersey-based National Organization for Marriage that attracted about 50 supporters of traditional marriage spurred a counter protest by about 500 who support giving gay, lesbian and transgender couples the right to marry.

And those 500 screeched, screamed, and caterwauled with great effect. (Video at the link)

They also claim to be adults.


VSO said...

They also apparently don't have jobs, otherwise the whole so-called "community" wouldn't always be showing up at these things in full immature force. I believe Cavey calls these two-year old temper tantrums "Angry Fairy Alert!"

There are dueling rallies at St. Paul today too. I wonder if any muslims will be there on behalf of the sin movement?

Anonymous said...

VSO, wrong. They use vacation days and sick days to fight people who are trying to oppress them. This isn't a violation of free speech, it's the exercise of it. Free speech is at issue only when the government tries to shut you up, shout you down or out-argue you. When your fellow citizens do it it's called democracy. maybe if someone got all up in your business and organized a rally against you, you's show up with a few friends as well.

Dad29 said...

Yah, I notice how politely and respectfully the folks acted.

I don't call that "democracy." I call that being screechy little assholes.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Oppress? I call bullshit. There is nothing in marriage that can't be done by contract. This is about Government Largess. marriage is a religious institution co-opted by government for the revenue. There is no major religion (sorry...Unitarian Universalists don't qualify) abhor homosexuality and related perversities. This is about thrusting Baal on the Israelites. Anon doesn't get the reference, but that's ok.

Amy said...

maybe if someone got all up in your business and organized a rally against you, you's show up with a few friends as well.

Yeah, because the activist gay community isn't all about forcing their bedroom antics into public view for forced acceptance, right? My right to free speech, and free expression thereof, begins right outside their bedroom door.