Monday, July 26, 2010

SCOTUS' Awful Decision

I didn't know about this, either.

In case you missed it, the Supreme Court turned the old adage, “Save the best for last,” on its head when, on the last day of its term, it announced a decision that is surely one of its worst ever, and one that could prove deadly for religious freedom on campuses.

In the case of Christian Legal Society v Hastings, the Court decided that the Hastings College of Law could deny registration to a student group as a CLS chapter because it required morally upright behavior of its members and adherence to its statement of faith.

...Didn’t we have contentious debates about “free speech” on campus during the 1960s and 1970s? Indeed we did, and there is a case from that era that is right on point, Healy v James.

SCOTUS did an end-around with that one, declaring that "a little" discrimination was OK.


The Hastings case was all about homosexual practice, no more, no less. Do we REALLY want Ms. Kagan on that Court?

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Anonymous said...

No we do not want Kagan on the court.