Monday, March 29, 2010

Utah Loads the Guns Against the Feds

This will be interesting to watch.

Fed up with federal ownership of more than half the land in Utah, Republican Gov. Gary Herbert on Saturday authorized the use of eminent domain to take some of the U.S. government's most valuable parcels.

Herbert signed a pair of bills into law that supporters hope will trigger a flood of similar legislation throughout the West, where lawmakers contend that federal ownership restricts economic development in an energy-rich part of the country.

...Initially, the state would target three areas for the use of eminent domain, including the Kaiparowits plateau in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, which is home to large coal reserves.

Many people in Utah are still angry that then-President Bill Clinton's designated the area as a national monument in 1996, a move that stopped development on the land and greatly pleased environmentalists as he ran for re-election.

The Grand Staircase nationalization was actually a payoff to the Red Chinese because after Escalante couldn't be developed, the PRC wound up with the largest comparable-coal deposits in the world.

As we know, Red Chinese money (laundered, of course) rescued Clinton's bid for the Presidency early in his primary campaign.

Anyhoo, Utah expects a court fight soon.



Anonymous said...

"As we know, Red Chinese money (laundered, of course) rescued Clinton's bid for the Presidency early in his primary campaign."

Maybe this website will sate your appetite for conspiracy.

My favorite--Rahm's gang ostensibly included Monica Lewinsky, whose parents for years were reportedly assets of The Mossad. Clinton/Rahm Emanuel sent Monica to the Pentagon to sniff out what Admirals and Generals were planning a coup against Clinton. In the process, she got pregnant and had an abortion. Included apparently in the circle is Linda Tripp who previously was a covert operative of the Delta Forces, one of the few women in that capacity.

Suppose the allegations are true. Then the case has been made why Citizens United was a boneheaded decision by the Supreme Court. How? It would seem even more likely that foreign corporations with American subsideries will be emboldened to peddle their influence and channel money in a variety of ways to support candidates who will look out for their agenda. Perhaps the members of the Supreme Court who ruled for this decision (Roberts and Scalia, in particular) are also on the take as well!

Dad29 said...

You are crazier than your link, fella.

All you have to do is go find old issues of the American Spectator to get the story on PRC, Clinton, and Escalante.

IIRC, the middleman was an Indonesian.

neomom said...

Get the popcorn. I'm rooting for Utah.

Anonymous said...

Dad29--The American Spectator? That's a riot. You mean the conservative publication in which David Brock who later recanted his Anita Hill expose and Daniel Wattenberg who effectively killed a story (due to lack of credibility) about an alleged Clinton out of wedlock baby with a black woman, which drew the ire of several conservative writers, most notably William Safire? And not that current editor R. Emmett Tyrrell is on the payroll of the government of Kazakhstan. Get a clue.

Again, our political process will now be usurped by foreign companies, thanks to Citizens United.