Thursday, March 25, 2010

That Gunshot Through Cantor's Office Window?

Well, Hell's Bells, NOW we know why all the violence!

Barack Obama is warning supporters that the general election fight between him and John McCain may get ugly, but the Illinois senator is vowing not to back down.

If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said at a fundraiser in Philadelphia Friday, according to pool reports.

Obviously, someone took B Hussein Obama seriously and brought a gun.

We're certain that Obama will disavow all that sort of talk.


Montana said...

This was staged by one of Cantor’s gun buddy, good try at being a victim but I don’t buy it, next.

Jay Bullock said...

Richmond police say the bullet that hit a window of Republican Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor's office had been randomly fired skyward.

Jay Bullock said...

The building isn't in Cantor's CD, it doesn't have any actual campaign posters or other markings to indicate that Cantor has an office inside it. Moreover, the building's address is not listed on his campaign website, so even if the bullet hadn't been fired randomly, it's virtually impossible to imagine how somebody could possibly have decided to target this location.

Dad29 said...

Yah, so I heard.

And some "news" outlet reported that a Cincinnati-area (D)'s office window was smashed with a brick.

Interesting; that office is on the THIRTIETH floor of a downtown building.

Anonymous said...

Dad, it's not some "news" outlet, it's the Richmond Police Department. You know, the good guys, unless you think they're on Obama's payroll, too!

Anonymous said...

You describe yourself as a "conservative critic of everything" that merely makes you a curmudgeon, not someone to be taken seriously since evidently nothing meets with your approval. How sad for you,

Dad29 said...

Keep up with the news, Anony 121PM:

Jay Bullock said...

Clearly, the Cincinnati-brick story that GP claims is false conflated two real news items: The Dem congressman who represents Cincinnati was threatened, and a brick was thrown through the (first-floor) window of the Hamilton County Democratic Party's office.’s-irresponsible/