Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Clear Summary: TEA v. Progressives

Barone writes a short and very clear essay on the political crisis now emerging.

Last graf:

Polls and recent election results tell us that racial minorities and the so-called "educated class" -- the people who expect their kind will administer centralized institutions -- still take the side of the Progressives. Most Americans, however, are rejecting the path of dependence and are intent on declaring their independence once again.


On a closely-related topic, RedState:

The left seems to think that Congress can do whatever the heck it wants to do on any issue. What they forget is that Congress actually only has 18 things it is allowed to do under the constitution. That’s it. It is not so general as to give Congress plenary power to do anything it wants. It never has.

...which happens to be ANOTHER argument for Court invalidation of ObamaCare (specifically, the "insurance mandates" which do NOT fall under established Commerce Clause jurisprudence.)

...Consequently, we have gone beyond a point where you can sit down and read the constitution and really understand what the heck Congress can and cannot do. And this is coupled with burgeoning statism at the local, state, and federal level with little restraint — elections being nearly irrelevant given gerrymandering, campaign finance laws, and the extremely high re-election rates even when 89% of the country says we should throw the bums out.


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Anonymous said...

So what did the right think during the Bush Administration? Do I hear bleating sheep in the background? Not a word about The Patriot Act or starting a war on a lie...nothing!