Thursday, March 18, 2010

Patent Poppycock on Train-Building

Walker and Luber justifiably attack Doylet and Barrett for a no-bid contract award (DoyletDeal) to a foreign company to build choochoos.

The Doylet/Barrett combine respond (inter alia):

...the state DOT has said Super Steel would not have been able to bid even if the contract had been put up for bid, because it doesn't build trains itself. Instead, it assembles trains as a subcontractor to another foreign company, Japan's Nippon Sharyo. ...

So what that Super Steel 'doesn't build trains itself'?

Setting aside the no-bid-contract (DoyletDeal) aspect, which deserves a full criminal investigation all by itself...

Does DOT mean to tell us that Super Steel can't figure out how to build trains? That Super Steel couldn't pick up the phone and call a train-engine manufacturer, a couple of train-truck manufacturers, a couple of air-brake folks, (and so forth) until all the pieces are in place for a competitive bid?

What---Super Steel doesn't have a friggin' Thomas Registry in the offices? They couldn't attract a manager/design engineering from a choochoobuilder? (Yes, they could.)

I call BS.

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