Sunday, March 28, 2010

Health Care IS a Right!

Well, here it is!!

Article 42. Citizens ...have the right to health protection.

This right is ensured by free, qualified medical care provided by state health institutions; by extension of the network of therapeutic and health-building institutions; by the development and improvement of safety and hygiene in industry; by carrying out broad prophylactic measures; by measures to improve the environment; by special care for the health of the rising generation, including prohibition of child labour, excluding the work done by children as part of the school curriculum; and by developing research to prevent and reduce the incidence of disease and ensure citizens a long and active life.

And you KNOW where Obama & his gang found it:

Article 42 of the Soviet Constitution

Almost word-for-word....

HT: St Louis

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jimspice said...

This tidbit has been making it's way around since 2005 when Cass Sunstein, currently Obama's Regulation Czar, first made the link between the Soviet constitution and FDR's failed health policy proposals.