Monday, March 22, 2010

Not "Repeal." Re-Formulate

Well, it will be "repeal" in almost all regards, but Ryan's plan is not precisely a "repeal" of healthcare legislation.


Dump the "must buy insurance" mandate. It won't survive a Court review anyway. But if someone hits the hospital without coverage, they will be liable for it.

De-couple employment from health coverage with a REFUNDABLE tax credit (Ryan Plan)

It's fine to let the FedGov serve as a re-insurer for claims in excess of $1 million, (adjusted for inflation)--but it's NOT fine to require insurers to cover more than $1 million unless they contracted for that in the first place.

It's fine to ban "pre-existing conditions" limitations, again with a FedGov backstop--say, with an insurance company payout of not more than $10K or so.

On the other hand, all limits on HSA's and HRA's should be removed, along with restrictions on paying premiums with them.

Remove the "fees" imposed on health-equipment and pharmaceuticals. Those will be pass-through charges which even the most obtuse should recognize as such.

Yes, allow interstate competition in the insurance markets, WITH solid regulation. That regulation should be the responsibility of the State Government which is "home" for the insurance company.

Direct assistance (State, not Federal) of low-income/no-income individuals and families.

More later.....


Billiam said...

Sorry Dad, but these aren't the kind of people who can handle partial control. These freaks have to run it all.

J. Strupp said...

Except for the fact that they just passed a bill that maintains partial control.

neomom said...

But the Constitution says they can do this in "the good and welfare clause". At least according to John Conyers - he's of the Judiciary Committee you know.

Amy said...

Except for the fact that they just passed a bill that maintains partial control.

Which Nancy Pelosi said was just the foot in the door. So partial control...for now. Full control comes later.

Amy said...

And I was right. Thanks, Rep. Dingell: