Monday, March 22, 2010

Road Kill in Da Yoo Pee

After his dis-election this Novemeber, perhaps Stupak will go back to picking up road kill in Da Yoo Pee, like he was doing before he graduated to killing babies.


Anonymous said...

The implication here is that Stupak returning to law enforcement is a less than honorable calling than Congress, and that all troopers do in the U.P. is clean up poop. Wrong and wrong. Frankly, that’s a slur on police, and beneath you. Besides, why make fun of the U.P., beautiful wilderness that it is? The folks there actually don’t speak with the stupid accent you seem to willing to attribute to them. In fact, many up there resonate with your call to buy more ammo. Stupak may be na├»ve, but I don’t think he was bought off. Perhaps his family was threatened – that has been known to occur in Chicago politics.

dad, you began to lose it around the time you thought Irish Bishops getting ’an earful’ would lead to a resolution of the abuse crisis. Strange how new cases just keep emerging, even under the watchful eye of BXVI. Strange how tired we Catholics are of hearing the Vatican dissemble e.g. “we use the word ‘secrecy’ in a different way than you lay people do…” Raping children is wrong, and no amount of theological parsing justifies it, or begins to address the problem. It’s just more talk, albeit legalistic and nuanced.

Again – five words: CARDINAL. LAW. RETIRED. IN. ROME. Have you figured out what that really means yet? Do you think the Pope isn’t aware that Law (such an ironic name) is there? Do you think it’s appropriate?

Do you think all these 'earfuls' have helped one abuse victim in a substantative way?

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Anony, I think that you may be posting a little off topic here.

Stupak is a chump. He will be unemployed beyond November and will be lucky to get a job cleaning toilets at waysides in the UP.

Dad29 said...

Take your meds, Anony.

You can't see a double-entendre at 2.5 feet--it's YOUR problem.

And get off the "abuse" hobbyhorse, or get your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice try, guys. Confession is this Sunday.

Badger Catholic said...

University of Notre Dame to award Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan an Honorary Law Degree. - funniest comment I've read during the whole ordeal