Friday, March 19, 2010

Blomquist Expands on Torinus

A few days ago, John Torinus talked about "bundling" prices for healthcare procedures.

Here's another take on the same thing (called "global" prices) from the guy who invented it in Wisconsin.

...At least 80 percent of the services that we as Americans purchase can be presented in this all inclusive “Global” format. Benefit plans can be modified to support the Global program. For example, if the Global is $10,000 the benefit plan could pay $9,000. The employee would be advised of the $9,000 benefit and those providers who are prepared to accept the $10,000 fee. The employee, being a free American consumer, can choose to use one of the participating provider “teams” or take the $9,000 and go shopping.

...Integrated hospital systems in Boston, Milwaukee and other cities are developing Global programs to respond to consumer demand. The current government proposals will cement in the inefficiencies of the old system and kill the evolution of normal market based consumer focused health care. I ask that our elected representatives grant the health care industry a one year window to fix the system. Global programs will be a major part of that effort as will wellness programs and fair underwriting rules.

But first do no harm. Don’t destroy the world’s finest health care delivery system.

Sorry, Mr. Blomquist. The Democrats intend to nuke the current system, impose $2.5TRILLION in costs, death panels, and abortions paid for by US taxpayers.

That's if they get away with it.

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