Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Milwaukee JS Reporters Don't Read the NEWS

Here's the operative graf from a story in today's JS:

Documents made public last week as part of a Wisconsin lawsuit show that the Vatican's top doctrinal office, led by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, declined to defrock Murphy after being asked by then-Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland to do so in 1996. The decision was first reported by the Journal Sentinel in 2008 but drew international attention last week when lawyers in the case released the latest records to The New York Times.

Unfortunately, that is absolutely false.

As was revealed in the ACTUAL news, Rembert Weakland asked Rome to quit the prosecution after Rome (and Rembert) had initiated the action.

We're waiting for a retraction, but not holding breath.


Anonymous said...

Dud, the pedo priest molested 200 boys over 25 years! Every leader in the RCC in Milwaukee failed. What happened during the last 24 month's of the molester's life is irrelevant.

Why did the church not give a damn about the poor victims for 25 years? Why the massive cover-up?

The bottom line: being a gay priest is "normal." Deal with it. It was no big whoop because these are the "normal" urges among this class of men.

Dad29 said...

Actually, it IS relevant because the NYSlimes lied like Hell about it.

And so did Rembert Weakland.

Anonymous said...

...and so did Cousins, and whoever came before him.

So the question is why? 25 years of lies!

Face it -- the priesthood attracts these people. And when they advanced to higher positions, they protected the ones below them. Goes all the way up.