Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Luck With That, JB

JB VanHollen wants to sue over ObamaCare's "mandate."

Good luck with that.

In order to sue, he has to get an OK from either the (D)-controlled Assembly, the (D)-controlled Senate, or the Doylet, a notorious Obama co-conspirator.

Oh, well.


Anonymous said...

That's called the rule of law. Work to change it if you like. No insurgency, please.

krshorewood said...

You are all for saving money in state government. This grandstanding at our expense -- to block legislation that benefits all of us -- is a wonderful place to start.

Amy said...

Don't worry. Scott Walker will give him permission in just a few months' time.

neomom said...

Doyle shot him down. Because adding more people to Medicaid will be good for Wisconsin you know.