Sunday, March 21, 2010

Report From the Kill the Bill Rally in DC

One of our regular (and very smart) readers was in DC yesterday. Here's a slightly-edited report.

Home, 20 hrs after leaving. Exhausted, voice ragged, but an amazing experience! Estimated 50K people there. Not bad for [~] 2 days notice. The anger was palpable. Met many Reps. Got interviewed by Jonathan Cohen at New Republic (that should be an interesting article to read). Got interviewed by Rep John Culberson (TX 7) for his web cast.

Best part? We walked upon some network (don't know which one) interviewing Jan Schakowsky and heard her telling the camera that "there is no funding for abortion in this bill".... After the lights went out on the camera I called her a liar and she came over to where 4 of us were standing (lights on cameras came back up and they started filming again at this point) and I kind of got in her face about it. She is shorter than me and I was literally looking down at her. I told her that we know what's in it and that 73% of the people want them to scrap the effort altogether or start over that they needed to start listening to us.

She rolled her eyes and walked into the Ways and Means Committee room and the Capitol Police requested that we move along.


btw - We were across the street from where the CBC folks walked when they said they were called the "N" word.... There were probably 10K people in that area lining the streets and in front of the Congressional Office Building because that was the entrance Obama was supposed to have used. We boo'd them, we were shouting "Kill The Bill"..... If they heard any "N" words it was "No" or "November". Raucous? Yep. Rude? Maybe. Racist? Not even close. They got the same treatment every CongressCritter that walked through there did. Although the "No" voters were walking along talking, shaking hands, and thanking us for being there.

Thanks for going! Thanks for the report!

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neomom said...

I have some pics to if you want to let me know how to get them to you.

Thanks for the promotion to my own post (blush)

Dad29 said...

We'll pass on the pix, thanks.

Display Name said...

What, no Barney Frank jokes?

neomom said...

Sorry to disappoint John. The place was covered with video cameras. It didn't happen.

The issues that the protesters have with Barney Frank have nothing to do with him being gay.

Anonymous said...

It didn't happen? Laughable! ABC just showed it on the 5:30 PM national news.

Let's face it -- these issues are not bringing out the "best" in the conservative movement.

neomom said...

That's the first video I've seen of the Barney Frank thing... I was outside. My mistake.

Amy said...

Yeah, because the left never, ever hurls pejoratives at the that it? The hypocrisy of liberals is astounding.

Enjoy the next few months. The motto come November will be REPEAL OR REPEL OBAMACARE. It'll be fun watching no Democrat get elected to office higher than local dog catcher.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

All in vain, all in vain.

The middle mush head voters in this country thoughrily Fu&%ed all of us.

It's gonna pass.

Anonymous said...

Amy, there are "pejoratives" (disparaging; belittling), and then there are racial epithets. Not even on the same planet.

Odd that, as a self-professed "Christian," you are apparently not bothered when some of your fellow travelers take us back to the Deep South in the early 1960's.

Amy said...

I am. But I'm also rational enough to realize they do not represent the entire TEA party movement, which makes me a heck of a lot different than you.

And by "different" I mean rational and mature.

But I will say this: If you want to bemoan the fact that racial epithets are so wrong, it would have really helped for the left not to label anyone who blinked wrong as a racist during the past 20 years or so. Kind of lessens the seriousness of the issue.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Amy, for conceding that the conduct of some (not all, not a majority, but SOME) of the Tea party types is racist. It is somewhat telling, however, that you had to be shamed into doing so.

Amy said...

I wasn't "shamed" into doing so, but whatever makes you sleep better. Your turn: When will the left admit some of their members are racist, sexist, and bigoted, too?

Or should I not hold my breath?

Anonymous said...

ANYONE, regardless of political persuasion (left or right), is racist, sexist, and bigoted. It's one of the biggest lies in the world to think liberals are immune to those things! The problem is that when liberals think racism, sexism, bigotry is involved, conservatives cry foul, and when conservatives claim their actions are free from outright prejudice, liberals cry foul. It's a never ending cycle of denial!