Friday, March 26, 2010

The Doylet-Flush: 45/894

Into the Doylet sinks the State of Wisconsin.

State authorities closed the bridge that carries traffic northbound on Highway 45 through the Zoo Interchange shortly before 11 a.m. Friday, fearing that overweight trucks could collapse the deteriorating span.

Roughly 42,000 vehicles a day will be detoured off the major northbound route for nearly two months, until a replacement for the bridge can be finished.

In 2005, Doylet (at the request of Barrett) vetoed $38Million to fix that interchange.

I think Jim in-the-Doylet should retire someplace other than Wisconsin.


TerryN said...

Aw come on, this is obviously Scott Walkers fault!

Billiam said...

Glad I don't go that way. I will say this. Every night, and early morning when I'm running through, I've always heard truck drivers on the cb asking the best way around that bridge. Hell, after they posted it at 30 tons, I only crossed it when empty, even though I'm under the 30 ton limit even when loaded usually. I do feel bad for people who have to put up with it because of asshat pols.