Monday, June 24, 2024

"Climate" Hurricanes? Nope.

While SeeBeeEss is arguably the most prominent pusher of the "climate-change" drug, you'll hear the rants of the addicts on any TeeeVeee or radio outlet, and you'll see it in the Mind-Numbed Robot "press".

Current Hair-On-Fire crisis?  Hurricanes.  More than the average predicted for this year.

So obviously, you drive your car, heat your home, and cook with gas FAR TOO MUCH!!

Don't buy it.

...The 2024 forecast from [Colorado State U] calls for 23 “named storms,” in the Atlantic Basin (Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, etc.). Named storms include both tropical storms (winds of at least 39 mph) and hurricanes (winds of at least 74 mph). The seasonal average number of named storms is 14.

The CSU forecast also calls for 11 hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin, whereas the average is 7. Of those 11 hurricanes, 5 are anticipated to be “major,” meaning a storm with sustained winds of at least 111 mph. The average number of major hurricanes each year in that region is 3.

Indeed, while it really might be a big season for hurricanes and tropical storms, Dr. Frank put the CSU forecast into perspective.

Hurricanes follow a multi-decadal cycle of about 60-years that cannot be linked to global warming. We are currently in a very active phase of a natural cycle. Not a surprise.”...

You can identify the problem immediately if you read the last graf with comprehension.  Dr. Frank mentioned a '60-year cycle.'


"Journalists" never think back more than one year, much less sixty.  Nor do they do any substantive research.  

Don't believe me?  Then look up the "journalist" takes on the water level in Lake Michigan someday.  When it was high, it was a CRISIS!!  When it was low, it was a CRISIS!!  The high- and low-water marks were separated by about 30 years, during which Lake Michigan slowly gained or lost.  There is no Hole in the Earth swallowing up water, nor is there a Big Stopper Cork keeping water high.

It's natural, just like hurricane cycles.

Now you know a lot more than the "journalists" do.  But they have prettier faces.  Mostly.

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Anonymous said...

my 85 year old Mom loves to watch the weather..... Sky is fallin
Chicken licken ! Lions tigres and bears oh Boy!!!!

I jut call it "weather porn".....

Stops her dead in her tracks....