Sunday, May 28, 2023

Why Billions "For Ukraine"??

Answer:  it is NOT "for Ukraine."

 ...Charlie Kirk: ... How much of this conflict is actually an ideological proxy war of Wokism v. whatever they think Russia is?

Macgregor: It's very much that way on one level, and then on the second level, of course,
you have Blackrock and all the other major financial institutions in the West who are trying to get control over the resources in Ukraine. And would like to see Russia destroyed so they could steal ...

Kirk: So an actual raw materials colonization project.

Macgregor: Yeah
. [14:15] ... The annoying part for them is that all of the critical resources [in Ukraine] are now under Russian occupation. [14:38]...[quoted at Wauck's place]
NOW all this makes more sense.  The NeoCons (Democrats) have the ideology, which is so obnoxious that most of America can't stand it any more, and they know it.  But the Republicans?  They're purchased by BlackRock (et. al.).  They don't have an ideology at stake, except the ideology of Mo'Money.

No wonder Mitt Romney is so all-fired up about a war.

N.B.:  The coup in Peru fits perfectly with this; it's the lithium (money!!), not the people of Peru, that counts.

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