Monday, May 29, 2023


We wondered when Kohl's would join the Flounce-and-Bounce parade.  Now we know.

Kohl's has become the latest retailer to receive backlash for catering to the 'woke crowd' after shoppers slammed their LGBTQ+ apparel for infants.

The onesies with the LGBTQ+ pride flag on them, specifically tailored to June, which is known internationally as Pride Month, have even sparked calls for a store boycott.

One Twitter account put it succinctly: 'Looks like another company needing Bud-lighting!'...

Kohl's--like Bud Light--was sliding down the porcelain tubes long before this; their Woke ex-President is now demolishing Levi's, which may take a bit longer than her jobbing of Kohl's.

Too bad.  

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