Sunday, May 28, 2023

Manfred Throws a Spin-Ball

As we mentioned yesterday, MLB commissioner Manfred is 'threatening' Milwaukee with the possibility that the Brewers will leave town if they don't get what they want in stadium improvements.  (This is also called a temper tantrum.)

..Oakland's local government officials "made some unfortunate decisions not to maintain the ballpark in the way that it needed to be maintained," Manfred told reporters. That led to a decline in quality at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, he said, which meant lower attendance and less money for the Athletics to field good players....

What a line of crappy-crap-crap.

The Oakland Athletics lost every Divisional contest they were in since 2010.

Was that the fault of the stadium?  Was that due to not having oooh-lah-lah restaurants?  Or having a not-humungous scoreboard?

Maybe a losing team doesn't draw well.

Structure problems?  Yes.  Fix them.  As to the rest?  Here's a question:  do the fans show up to watch WINNING baseball?  Or do they show up for linen napkins and bidets?


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A clean mangina is a happy mangina!!