Saturday, May 27, 2023

Feds Run Out of Money? Hell, No!!

Go to minute 30 on the video at this link.

Russ Vought is a budget wonk who worked for Trump.  He knows exactly how Biden and his lap-dummy Yellen are lying to you (and how the MSM simply conveys their lies, no questions asked.)

There's plenty of Government cash to cover ALL the Federal debt coming up for renewal and interest-payment.  However, there may not be enough cash to cover paying (say) the UW-Madison $250 million for a grant to study the mating habits of Chilean fleas during winter, or the U of Michigan $500 million to study better ways to groom little girls into thinking they are boys.

IOW, there's no danger of "default."  The only 'danger' is that some bills won't be paid on time.

So what?

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