Sunday, May 28, 2023

On Paxton, and the Next Election

Ken Paxton may or may not be a crook.  But he is a heavy-duty "clean elections" guy, so someone had to take him out before Trump and Cruz come up in the '24.

Here's the prediction from a practiced elections analyst:

...The Texas voter rolls are abhorrent — and when you get into the large metro areas, superlatives fail. 

In 2024, election fraud in Texas, like all states, is going into overdrive. 

Ballot-harvesting will be preceded by NGOs filling the voter rolls with mountains of people living in homeless shelters that can house a few.  This will start in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin about four months before Election Day.

College dorms and high-rise apartment buildings will have mail-in ballots littering the floors — picked up by organized, funded leftist organizations.

Thousands of transient voters will be mailed ballots — and of course many will be long gone — and those ballots will vote against Cruz.

The election commissions in the large cities will open their daily ballot count to their leftist masters to make sure they meet the fake ballot quota needed every day to take out Ted.

Some election commissions will change ballots after they are cast — as our team and others proved happened in Texas in 2020.  Twenty twenty-four is the Super Bowl for election fraud — to stop Trump — and Cruz is likely a co-victim.

Because 2024 is the must-win, at all costs, leftist battle against Trump, there will be no limit to what leftists will do. ...

So they impeached Paxton.

By the way, about that 'unethical settlement':

...Then there was some kind of lawsuit followed by a $3-million settlement.  Paxton apparently did everything above board — as far as the payment goes, even getting the Legislature to fund it. ...

The same Legislature which voted to impeach him for the payment.

It's a Bush-Boys Legislature, just in case you couldn't figure it out.

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