Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Target/Schools Commonality? GLSEN

We knew about GLSEN, so this connection is not a shock.

Target’s shareholders lost $9 billion in stock market value because the C-suite mixed its professional duties with its personal agendas, including advocacy for transgenderism.

The poster boy for this high-risk policy is Target’s vice president for brand marketing, Carlos Saavedra. He moonlights as a board member of an advocacy group for K-12 transgenderism and gay status. The group, titled GLSEN, is an acronym chosen by the teachers who formed the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network in 1990.

Target’s website says Saavedra “leads Target brand stewardship & campaign development for initiatives including Holiday, Back-to-School/College, Target Run, Discovery, Inclusive Marketing, and Digital & Social Engagement.”...

GLSEN is the reason that public schools (and many private schools) are pushing the tranny/homosex line.  They're a complement to Planned Parenthood which pushes free (straight) sex through the "sex ed" (promiscuity ed) courses.

If it's not in your school, it IS in your school's library.  They did their homework.  Did you do yours?

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Ron Paul is right you know....

Homeschooling Is Key To Preserving Liberty

By Ron Paul, MD at Ron Paul Institute