Sunday, May 28, 2023

US Bioweapon Labs in Ukraine: Ultra-Dangerous

Mitt Romney ($$R/Utah) probably has a stake in a bioweapon manufacturer based on his totally false statements.  There's no doubt that the CIA and Pentagon have interests in bioweapon development, too.  So they all lied about whether they exist, but eventually the truth came out.

...Russia is accusing the US of experimenting with Avian flu pathogens at a US biolab in Ukraine with a lethality rate up to 40% in humans....

The US has about 40 biolabs in Ukraine.  

The Russkies could be right, of course.  Fauci admitted it when he claimed that UNC-Charlotte and later, the ChiCom Wuhan operation, was developing a 'gain-of-function' SARS virus so that the US could develop a counter-measure.  

At any rate, it's not good to have bioweapon labs in a war zone.  Things get broken in war zones.

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