Monday, May 29, 2023

Remember 'Cash for Clunkers'? It's Back.

Arguably the most pornographic waste of assets ever conceived, "Cash for Clunkers"--an Obama program--bought old cars for cash to ensure that a newer, more fuel-efficient, car would be purchased.

The porn?  The program required that the old car's engine be utterly destroyed so that it could never again be used.  It was the total rejection of Ben Franklin's "Waste not, want not" maxim.  For Government, it is now "Waste Is GOOD!"

Well, that program is back, now applied to school buses, of all things.

...In October, the Biden Administration awarded $395,000 to Wrangell for the purchase of the electric bus, intended to expedite the transition to zero-emission vehicles and foster “cleaner air in schools and neighboring communities.”...

Read the story at the link; this particular award is ludicrous on its face, but a RINO-ette was very pleased.  That was the real intent.

Anyhow: unexpected hurdle arose: The EPA grant stipulates that the bus company must dispose of one of its diesel-fueled buses. Not a mere sale or decommissioning of the bus, but complete destruction was required....

Complete destruction.  Not 'send it to another district,' not 'sell it to a private party,' not 'give it to the homeless.'

Complete, total, utter destruction.

It's wrong on so many levels that it is sickening.  This is porn.  But it is a window into the mindset of D.C.:  Waste is Good when one can spend unlimited money on any damn thing you want.

And that is why a "debt compromise" is merely polishing the brass on a sinking ship.

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