Saturday, May 27, 2023

Target's Sneaky DEI/HR VP

Gotta hand it to Target.  

Rather than announce big layoffs due to store closings, they're forcing people to take DEI training.

Because if you don't take the training, you will lose your job.

OK, then.  They'll be fired (or quit) because 'they are RAAAAAAAAAACISSSSSSSS!!', according to Target's separation papers, not because Target is closing stores, and certainly not because the Target boycott cost them a ton of money and market-cap.



Dave P. said...

Unfortunately, I think they're willing to take on any legal challenges and drag them out as long as possible. And they're relying on other businesses to do this sort of thing en masse to let the Deplorables know where they stand. They're willing to lose a bit in the short-term to get what they want in the long run...

Dad29 said...

The legalities are not a problem, as you state. But I do think that they're happy to offload employees this way rather than to lay them off. They have a 'good excuse' to get rid of them, rather than acknowledging their real problems: inventory "shrink" and a boycott.