Sunday, April 02, 2023

IRS vs. Diocese of Madison?

This may become a very big deal.

Pastor Brian Dulli sent a clear message to the congregants of his suburban Madison St. Patrick’s Catholic Church: Voting for a Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate who stands for the killing of the unborn is perilous to your faith and soul.

Now, a left-wing group is threatening to get President Joe Biden’s IRS involved and go after the Diocese of Madison for “electioneering.”

With just a few days before Tuesday’s pivotal spring election that will decide whether conservatives or liberals control the state’s high court, Dulli is being attacked by the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation. The atheist group has complained to the IRS that Dulli’s message in the church bulletin was “blatant electioneering” and is asking the agency to strip St. Patrick’s of its nonprofit tax status.

Why all the fuss? Dulli wrote in a church bulletin that voting for the pro-abortion candidate in Tuesday’s election runs counter to being a Catholic and the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life.

“You cannot publicly support abortion or abortion advocates and remain a Catholic in good standing,” Dulli wrote. “The fact that this is a Supreme Court race does not exempt us from our duty to protect life …. As a Catholic, I urge you, for the salvation of your soul; do not vote for her in the Supreme Court race on April 4.”...

We happen to know something about that particular parish; it would not surprise us to learn that a member of that parish is also a contributor to the Freedom From Religion bunch, nor that a parish member 'tattled' to FFR. 

Regardless, it is useful to note who was the original pusher behind the legislation at issue here:  Lyndon Baines Johnson.  Johnson, a notorious election-fraud schemer (and beneficiary) wanted to silence churches which were increasingly critical of the Democrat Party agenda--yes, even back in the '50's.  Also notable:  churches promoting Democrat candidates and positions are rarely--if ever--penalized by the IRS.

Given the Totalitarian/Statist inclinations of the current administration, this could well be a Federal court case in the next year or so.  

Stay tuned.

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