Monday, April 03, 2017

Criminal Unmasking: At Obozo's Orders??

Cernovich reports that it was Susan Rice who (criminally) un-masked various innocent Trump folks due to White House-ordered 24X7 surveillance of Trump.

And yes, it was political, not "national security" related.

So the question:  will she admit that she was told to do so by Obozo? 

We have ways of persuading her!!  Once again, with feeling:


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Headless Blogger said...

I watched the start of Tucker's show last night where a dem flack was muddying the facts with his talking points and the narrative he was fed by his masters. Seems part of a well orchestrated campaign to distract from and cover-up a crime.

There's a broad line from commentator to unindicted co-conspirator that many of these talking heads seem willing to leap across.