Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wherein 'Hot Air' Asks the Wrong Question

Morrissey at Hot Air paraphrases an LATimes article:

Conservative Catholics going schismatic over Pope Francis?

Not quite, Ed.  When you read the actual article (follow the link here) you find that--in fact--two German Cardinals are walking the road to schism, not "Conservative Catholics."

A priest-friend of mine spent a lot of years in Germany and, back in the 1990's, told me that Kasper and Lehmann were Very Suspicious Characters.  (That's the sanitized version of what he actually said.)

So, Ed:  fix your headline.


GOR said...

Kington’s article is not news, merely a rehash of what we all have known for some time. Troublemaking by German bishops is not news either. Given the collapse of church attendance in Germany, who would take seriously anything the German hierarchy says?

Were it not for the Kirchensteuer, they would be penniless.

Dad29 said...

...Troublemaking by German bishops is not news either...

Nor from German monks. I'm thinking of Luther...