Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Little Ed Morrissey and the Big-Boy Syndrome

This guy Morrissey is letting his HotAir get to his ...ahhh...brain.

Not only does he misquote the LATimes for click-bait, now he's baiting Ted Cruz.  For doing what Ted Cruz should have done!

Welcome back to the Someone Left the Irony On Department in national politics. Congress faces a hard budget deadline at the end of next week,   ....One Senator warns that radical activists on the Left have pushed Democrats into complete “across the board obstruction” that will precipitate a government shutdown...And Ted Cruz, of all people, should know it:...

OK, so Cruz thought--correctly--that someone had to do the job and it wouldn't be the  somewhat slippery McConnell. 

But Eddie, waving his National Columnist Stick even harder, goes for the throat!!

...Even with a sympathetic media behind them, budget obstructionism is not sustainable for long, and will eventually infuriate voters who expect Congress to do their jobs rather than stamp their feet and threaten to take their ball home.

You can ask Ted Cruz about that, too, especially after his loss in the 2016 primaries.

Eddie!  Psst!! Cruz out-lasted about 13 roll-over-and-die compromiser Republicans, in case you don't remember.  And while we're on the topic, weren't you also a NeverTrumper?  Hmmmm??? 

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