Thursday, April 27, 2017

Libertarians? Just Another Pox on This House

The rest of this essay is worth the read, but here's the money quote:

....The willingness of libertarians to stab the Right in the back over culture issues just so they can score some rhetorical points over economics makes them more dangerous than the Left. Every war is a culture war, even the shooting kind. It is one group aiming to prove that their gods, their ways, their culture is superior, by imposing it on others, by any means necessary.

It’s why Buckley Conservatives are a failed movement now. They embraced the transactionalism of the libertarians, over the traditionalism of the Old Right. They have spent countless hours fussing over how best to move commas around the tax code, while the Left is marching from victory to victory in the culture war. The corruption is so thorough that they can no longer muster a reason to oppose guys like Dusty Wunderlich, ravaging the economy like locusts.

Indeed.  As to the rest of that post, it involves leasing a dog (!!!)  Told you it's worth the read.

It's the matter of 'unwritten law,' or the Common Code of morality, or what we call the Judaeo-Christian culture.  And it's bad enough that the Mohammedans and quasi-Commies are trying to eradicate that social compact without the fake conservatives (like libertarians) putting their snouts into the trough.

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